You Need Tools to Invest Swiftly in Real Estate

Swift REI is a set of productivity tools designed for real estate investors like you to be more organized and productive.

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Work real estate efficiently

Work Efficiently

Save time by having a system to better manage your tasks and not repeat yourself.

Tools for real estate to stay organized

Stay Organized

Keep track of all your deals and projects in our streamlined system.

Collaboration with your real estate team


Work together with your team and assign tasks to individual employees.

A Complete Toolkit

Property info spreadsheet online

Lead and Deal Tracking

Keep track of all your leads and current deals. You can upload as many files and photos as you want for any of your projects, as well as save notes about conversations with your contacts. Also, upload receipt pictures so you can export detailed reports later.

Fix & Flip Calculator

You’ll love this special calculator designed for fix and flip deals. Simply type in some of the details about the deal, and it’ll tell you the potential ROI. Here we also have a mortgage calculator.

Deal analyzer spreadsheet online
Real estate comps evaluator

Comps Evaluator

This table will save you enormous amounts of time in examining comparable sales. You won’t forget a step or make calculation mistakes—and you’ll finally be able to outsource this work to an assistant!

Repair Costs Estimator

This dynamic worksheet will save you lots of time and stress on every deal. Use your phone or tablet on the job site to quickly jot down the repairs needed for a property, and you’ll know instantly what the total cost of remodel will be.

Deal analyzer spreadsheet online

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The Results are Amazing

Swift REI makes my job so much easier! I can finally expand my business and hire virtual assistants because now we have a system to collaborate, and these tools help them quickly understand exactly what they’re supposed to do. Highly recommended!

Andrew I.

My real estate investment business has never been easier to run. I’ve been able to cut my time in half on property analysis and management. The Swift REI tool is helping me focus on my business and not spend time in the business.

Mike C.

The Features Real Estate Investors Love Most

Unlimited file upload

Unlimited File Storage

Upload all your offers, signing documents, images, receipts—any files you want to save. It’s all kept securely for you and accessible to you wherever you are.

Collaboration with your employees

Collaboration in Your Team

Work with your team on all your projects, and always be in sync. The project-based design of your Swift REI account is designed for teams to work efficiently together.

Be Productive On The Go

Our tools are designed to work perfectly on all your devices. This is especially useful for taking notes on repairs needed when exploring a fixer-upper house, or for saving pictures of it throughout its rehab.

Convenient real estate productivity tools

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