Three Reasons to Take Tons of Pictures of Your Next Fix and Flip

New technologies in the last five years have finally made it worthwhile and efficient to take and store lots of pictures. When you take a picture with your phone, you probably don’t think about how you’re going to need to print it. Printing would be wasteful and undesirable, since you probably often need to use your phone to quickly access pictures of, for example, a house remodel project.

Tools like Swift REI allow you to save thousands of photos easily (for free). Here are three reasons why you as a house flipper should take tons of pictures of your next fix and flip and all the other ones you do in the future:

First, pictures allow you to hold people accountable for their mistakes. Let’s say you’re flipping a house, and before you begin the hardwood installation you take a lot of pictures throughout the interior of the home. Then, after the hardwood is installed you discover that there’s a big hole in the wall in one of the rooms. Did the hardwood installers do it? They could tell you that the hole was there when they got there. If you had pictures before they started working and you know other people didn’t work in that room, you have proof that nobody else but the hardwood guys could’ve done it.

Of course, this will benefit you most if you’re tracking all your photos in an organized, timeline-based system. That’s exactly the kind of system we suggest you use for your flipping. (So get started with Swift REI for free today.)

Second, you’ll be able to build a more impressive and compelling portfolio if you have lots of pictures. Why should you care? Your portfolio will come in handy especially when you try to make bigger deals and establish important relationships with people and businesses that will supply you with deals or funding. If you’re building a serious, long-term business, then you’re likely going to want to showcase your projects on your website. Wholesalers will reach out to you and offer you their deals first if they can see that you’re serious about buying deals.

Nobody carries around briefcases with pictures anymore, even though in the past that was common at business meetups and conferences. But it also seems that many people haven’t realized that now you can easily build a portfolio online and that you can save all your pictures easily and freely in an online storage system, so get started soon before everyone else is doing it too.

Third, when you get in the habit of taking lots of pictures of the progress of a rehab, you will start noticing details you hadn’t noticed before. When you take pictures, you naturally tend to study a little more closely than usual the scene you’re about to take a picture of. At least when you review the pictures you just took you’ll pay attention to the things you captured in a new kind of way. This will prove immensely critical when you’re preparing for pictures that will go on the house listing when you’re selling it. Even if your listing agent and not you will take the pictures for the listing, you should first go around and check how your home will look in photographs. You’re likely going to notice a few things you’re going to want to fix.

So don’t wait until you’ve got a major business already running before you start taking pictures of every house rehab. You should take as many pictures as you can to ensure that you can trace the responsibility to the right person for any kind of problem, to build your portfolio to show your credibility, and to develop important quality control skills.

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